newborn baby photos

A little about me:

I was born in Melbourne, Australia but moved to Athens, Greece before my teens, returning to Australia to begin my family in 2009.

I began studying and working in Early Education upon my return to Australia. My passion was always connecting with children and their families; it takes a village.

My belief is that all children are unique and have an innate character that I love to capture through a lens; photos are more than an image - they are a memory etched into eternity. I love capturing the essence <3

When I first became a Mum to my son in 2009, I wanted to capture every single moment; little sneezes, little yawns, little everythings. At the time, I was living in Melbourne, Australia and my immediate family all still lived in Athens, Greece - a whole 15,000 kms away! I loved sending a steady stream of photos back home and sharing the essence of my son with my parents and siblings.

As time went on, I found a love of composition and editing in photography. I wanted so strongly to start a career in photography as the years went on, but it never felt like the right time. I loved working with young children in Early Education though, having an impact on their life journey and being a part of their village.

My husband and I struggled with infertility for years before falling pregnant in 2018. I gave birth to my daughter in 2018 - my real life little doll. My passion for photography and encapsulating moments so that I could hold on tight and never let go only grew stronger and stronger. Over the next three years we suffered miscarriage after miscarriage and in 2022 went on to have our daughter - the final piece to our puzzle. Again my spark for seeing moments through a lens was ignited.

I have dreamt of starting my own photography business for a long time and in 2023, I finally knew the time was finally right to pursue my dream.

When I photograph newborns, children and families, I am taken on a Journey; a different and magical one with each session. I love capturing the candid moments and the feelings. I love getting to know each family and baby that walks through my doors and building long-lasting relationships with them so that I can help document their Story over the years.